Fun Easter Activities

Fun Easter Activities

Easter is a wonderful time of year. The daffodils are out in full bloom, spring has finally arrived, and there are lots of chocolate eggs to be eaten! Here are five Easter-related activities to get your kids involved in the fun.



1: Creme Egg Brownies

Make (or buy!) a standard chocolate brownie mix, and make the brownies as you usually would. Then, once you’ve poured the oven-ready mixture into a greased tin, press some halved Creme Eggs into the top of the mixture, leaving a 5cm gap between each one. Once the brownie is cooked and cooled, you can slice up the brownies in-between the Creme Egg halves.


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2: Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you use miniature chocolate eggs or wooden ones, this is the number one thing to do at Easter time! It’s so fun for both kids and adults to partake in a super-size Easter egg hunt! If you live in a village or have a local kids’ community group, you can get everyone involved and hide eggs around the local lanes, parks or even the community centre!

If you want to make things a little more challenging, you could write a list of clues to guide children in the right direction, instead of just letting them roam free! Either way, this is such a memorable activity and will get your children using their detective skills while socialising and having fun!



3: Decorating Eggs

There are 2 ways to create your eggs,


1, Blow some eggs to begin with. This involves making two small holes in each end of an egg, then blowing into one end to push the raw egg out of the other end.


2, Hard boil your eggs first.


Once you’re happy that the egg is hollow, it is ready to be painted! You can either dip the eggs in food colouring, or use permanent markers to decorate the shells.

To make detailed patterns like those shown in the photo, carefully attach rubber bands around the eggs while you paint them. Wait a few minutes to let the paint dry, then snip the rubber bands to remove them, leaving the white lines in the paint.



4: Egg Lambs

Blow some eggs, as described in the text above. Once you’re happy that the eggs are hollow, glue small pieces of cotton wool all over the egg, to make it look like sheep’s wool. Then, cut up some white straws to glue on as legs, and draw a face on one end of the egg to complete your cute Easter lamb!



5: Easter Carrot Treats

Using orange card, roll it up into cones to resemble carrot shapes. Then, using scissors, cut into small squares of green card to attach (using a stapler or glue) to the tops of the ‘carrots’. Finally, fill the carrot cones with Easter goodies such as small chocolate eggs.


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